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Giando Group is a major player in the Hong Kong hospitality scene with a variety of restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining. For all of our outlets, we strive to offer the very best fresh ingredients directly flown in from Italy.

Chef Giandomenico Caprioli, Owner and Founder of our restaurants and shops, shows and shares his ultimate love for cooking with simple, quality and seasonal ingredients every day.

With over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry, commitment to the happiness of our guests, selecting ingredients with the utmost quality to serve the

Hong Kong community through incredible food and creating memorable experiences

have always been at the core of Gianni’s philosophy.
Our group currently manages 5 concepts, namely: 
Giando Italian Restaurant & Bar

Mercato Gourmet Gran Selezione 

Mercato Gourmet
Pacific Gourmet

Filo Cibo e Vino

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